Are you getting the sex you want?

The love you need?

The money you deserve?


Have you been experiencing intimacy breakdowns,

blocked communications,

and lack of pleasure in your life?

There is so much demand on our time nowadays, and we are required to make so much effort. Life seems like such hard work and not enough fun and joy. There must be a better way!

Feeling small, being a victim and feeling fearful doesn’t work.

Women often trade their attention, affection and even sex with men. In doing so, they create unspoken expectations because of a primal fear of rejection. And that’s when it gets heavy.

She will seduce him rather than playfully co-create partnerships, built on kindness and collaboration. Without these, men back off, shut down or don’t want to connect and cooperate.

And this is why so many women feel frustrated,  lonely, unsupported, overwhelmed and financially challenged. And without change, this will remain the same.

We’ve all met empowered women who have great partnerships with the men in their lives.

Together they each get their way and produce great results.

You can have that too.

To achieve the results you want, you’ll need to learn how to do things differently, and how to be with others in new and exciting ways.

Women are misguided in thinking their sex is the dominant factor in attracting men. It’s only important in attracting the animal-instincts of a man. If you want to have a man collaborating with you long-term, you need to attract and engage his spirit.

Finding the most playful, delightful and attractive aspects of your femininity, brings men to collaborate with you. Generating joy, pleasure, fun and excitement, instead of expectation, obligation and pressure.

The Sex, Love and Money retreat will show you how

During this weekend you’ll reveal to yourself how to bring back lightness, joy and feminine essence into the areas of life that make the biggest difference in sex, love and money.  

This new way of approaching life generates powerful connections, exciting collaborations and rewards that make life sizzle.

You’ll learn to communicate from the heart and connect powerfully, standing for what you want, you’ll move from PRESSURE  into PLEASURE and then abundance flows.

In the Love, Sex & Money retreat you will

  • Discover how you get what you want by giving in, not giving up
  • Learn how to harness the power of men to increase your income
  • Explore self-destructive habits (how are you currently shooting yourself in the foot)
  • Develop an environment of unconditional love and acceptance
  • Transform conflict into heartfelt connection
  • Learn to focus your conversation on events rather than interpretations
  • Forge a new basis for cooperation
  • Improve your feelings of self-esteem considerably

You’ll leave this retreat with the best tools to communicate effectively, and have more harmony and less conflict in your relationships. You’ll be able to disengage from the drama that creates chaos and distracts you from your deepest desires.  

You will bring more joy, pleasure and ease to life, feeling relaxed and reconnected. You will return home rejuvenated, energised and replenished by the sisterhood you will experience on this retreat.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with men to create win-win scenarios for all? To have more peace and harmony and abundance in your life?

Testimonials for Vincent

Vincent is very perceptive, funny, a great listener and has huge understanding and compassion. He helps me take responsibility for my choices, see things from a different perspective and breakthrough my own resistance, and learn to appreciate my partner in ways I never could before. - Oshi
Words cannot express my gratitude for what you did for me during our coaching sessions. You are an extraordinary coach and human being and I am deeply honoured, privileged and happy to have you in my life. You are a true blessing. Thank you with all my heart. - Olivia
When I looked back at the wild dreams I outlined at the beginning of my coaching sessions with Vincent, I got a surprise at how much I’ve actually achieved. Once Vincent helped me tap into what I really wanted, and set goals that I could achieve, doors started opening. I’ve realised that anything is possible! Thank you Vincent. - Anne

Testimonials for Klana

The "Talking with Men" training has paid off and keeps its promises. It teaches the basic principles and differences of male and female thinking and behavior, and thus the understanding of communication in general, and especially between men and women. The tools we received are easy to use and super effective. The different levels of communication were directly experienced in special exercises, an experience that can hardly be conveyed through words and is priceless to me. I could suddenly see the misunderstood communications with my partner from a different perspective, more precisely, from his perspective. And I understood. I understood it so well that we have not had a single conflict since then. On the contrary, our relationship has since been characterised by more trust and joy! Thank you very much. I can recommend it to all my friend. - Carole

This has not only improved our relationship, but even saved it. We are developing a "we-feeling" that I did not know so far. And as cheesy as it may sound: now everyone gets what they need and we both are happy to give to the other. - Julie

Klana is a very genuine person and her empathy makes you feel comfortable when you have to speak about your feelings. - Belén

I can highly recommend Klana’s retreat. I arrived exhausted. After meditations and selected physical exercises I could totally relax. Klana knows how to bring women together, to guide them and to perceive the body and its feelings in a new / different way. The days went by quickly with delicious food and fantastic connections. Everything was excellent and perfectly chosen. Thank you Klana, keep it up!  - Eva

Klana is an intuitive Intimacy- and Life Coach with a preference for experiential learning. She helps female entrepreneurs to move from pressure to pleasure so that they attract more clients and money, stay healthy in a stressful business and have harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

10 years ago she learned the Sage Method where everyone can communicate with the honor of the heart and the game theory that moves people into action. Since then she has been teaching this in workshops and private sessions in Europe and in the US.

Before starting her own coaching practice, she had 25 years of corporate experience: organization, management, product development, marketing, sales in a major multinational pharmaceutical company, shoe industry, family business, hotel business.

Vincent has been fascinated with love and relationship dynamics since he encountered Cupid’s arrow aged seven years, when he first met and fell for his new classmate Melissa.

His parents ran a pub in the East End of London in the 1970s and being exposed to an environment of frequent violence had a profound impact on him as a sensitive child. Witnessing such behaviour fuelled a curiosity about what leads people who care for each other, to cause such needless pain and suffering.

Moved by these experiences, he has been developing tools ever since to help people learn a kinder way of loving. Key to this has been discovering the transformative world of coaching.

Having trained in the UK, Spain and America, he has now established a successful coaching practice with clients from across the globe, seeking support in creating loving relationships.

This is work he truly loves and he would very much like to support you in achieving your relationship goals.

It’s a 3-day retreat in Wales.
Taking place 13th, 14th & 15th July 2018

The location is a beautiful Farmhouse/Cottage, peaceful, off the beaten track, surrounded by spectacular scenery and walking country and with easy access to the stunning Pembrokeshire coast, perfect to retreat.

The program starts Friday 13th at 7:30 pm and ends Monday after breakfast.

Come prepared to fully immerse yourself into the weekend, free from any outside distractions. There will be additional activities in the evenings.

Your investment is £1,200.
A 50% non-refundable deposit required upon registration.

Early early bird tickets offer £900 Payable in full by May 15th. 

Not included:
Travel costs, Meals.
Accommodation from £40 - £100 per night and person depending on availability.

Not fully decided yet? Give us a call so we can discuss the details and decide together if this is the right fit for you.

Vincent  +44 7960 67 19 04 (call or WhatsApp)